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Bienvenido a "Tan Qing Shuo Ai"
A corner of the web where you can chat about current dating trends, share your most romantic experiences and rant about your relationship woes.
Lenguage: Chinese
Miembros: 2272
Oficiales: penny (Administrator)

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恋爱假期 The Holiday
Por penny el 02-08-2011 1:04:51 - 4 comentarios


comment 4 comentarios
Phyllis wrote... Por el 02-08-2011 5:25:08
i wanna travel. I wanna travel, travel,travel...
Huang wrote... Por el 03-08-2011 7:59:19
quite like Kate in this movie!
Alexander Zapryagaev wrote... Por el 20-06-2016 12:54:18
Alexander Zapryagaev wrote... Por el 20-06-2016 12:54:18
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