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Bienvenido a "Negotiating in English - for Chinese Speakers"
Learn, share and discuss key English phrases, techniques and tips to tackle any negotiation.
Lenguage: Chinese
Miembros: 1654
Oficiales: samantha (Administrator) y Wei

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谈判技巧之 与客户巧妙提出质疑 – 相关英语
Por Wei el 20-12-2010 9:32:02 - 6 comentarios

许多时候,在与他人谈判交涉时我们会希望尽量消除对方的一些犹豫和顾忌,通过列明所有可能的“supporting evidence”(辅助证据),以说服他们考虑采纳我们的建议,或购入咱们推销的产品等。今天我们就一起来聊一下一个被称为“doubt close”(表示怀疑以促谈判结果法),即先与客户表示怀疑,让他们自己确认情况,最后他们是通过自己的“logic deduction”(逻辑思维)达到愿意与我们合作的结论。这样更具说服力。


doubt close negotiate English

Photo: SMJJP

1。有时咱们碰到一些特别“举棋不定”的人,他们就需要我们给与“a little extra push to help them decide”(多一点的鼓励和怂恿,以帮助他们做决定)。应付这类人咱们可以试着“express doubt either about the product or the readiness of the person for the product”(就产品本身或是他们对之能够接受的程度表示质疑),但须注意“make this a relatively weak and easily challenged statement”(让这番质疑表现得“脆弱不堪”,一下子就能够被他人反驳之):

-This product is of better quality and durability, but it's $20 over your planned budget...

-I don't know if you would be willing to consider this, as this is a little over your budget...

-This car will be a bit of a challenge to maneuver than most, and yet, it's got a four-wheel drive for a super low price of...

-This dress is the in the style and price range that you like, but it's limited in stock.  I don't know if you're willing to make the purchase today...

-The furniture you've just looked at is on sale from (original price), today is the last day for the special deal price...I just don't know if you would be willing to put down money for it right away...



A: You're right, you're right.  I'm the one to blame...

B: (silence at first)  Well, I guess I was also wrong to...

A: Fine!  If you really want me to go away and leave you alone, I will.

B: No, no.  I was just really angry because...






comment 6 comentarios
Zaneta wrote... Por el 03-03-2011 22:41:39
Oh! It's very wonderful.Have the help very much
honestfaithful wrote... Por el 04-05-2011 9:47:45
Pass double ,let the other side entre your choice ,make sink turn active ,at last ,push to help the other side judgment, this is a proper technique.you are a excellent business man. you will success.
honestfaithful wrote... Por el 04-05-2011 9:47:50
Pass double ,let the other side entre your choice ,make sink turn active ,at last ,push to help the other side judgment, this is a proper technique.you are a excellent business man. you will success.
andysheng wrote... Por el 24-06-2011 8:27:26
Good method!
Geroge+Scott wrote... Por el 17-07-2011 11:41:17
You are an excellent young businessman.Thank you to share。
Alexander Zapryagaev wrote... Por el 20-06-2016 12:40:36
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